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german spanish, foreign policy, international issues. you are talking a lot about that. >> yes. to us, you know, having the third and final presidential debate was amazing. the fact that the top sick on foreign policy makes it even more interesting. 1/3 of our student are actually international. so it draws a lot of attention. >> reporter: so if you were to narrow it down, say, to two big issues among students here and what they wanted to hear tonight, what's affecting you here in the united states and also when you go back home overseas, what are your families talking about? they're watching the debates just like we are. >> of course. they all are all over the world. i think two of the main topics would be the arab spring, justice as we've been talking about it. an ongoing issue. we talk about it in class, we talk about it with our families. something else i would mention, for my opinion, would be the immigration status for international students who are studying here. and just about higher education. i know that doesn't have a lot to do with foreign policy, but it's an issue that we
. >> it is. >> and when we look at the incident in may, his m.o. was, what, to use a rag with with chemicals? >> that's right. >> probably trying to knock out or subdue this jogger. thankfully, she was able to get away. are authorities or anybody saying that's the same method he tried to use on jessica? >> they're not saying exactly how jessica was abducted, but, you know, what they are saying is that there were clues, evidence, possibly dna. the cross, we learned just yesterday -- well, between the night before and yesterday about this cross that was linked and left behind. and so, you know, this is what we know about this teenager. he was pretty active in his community. had friends. was seen hanging out on those trails and within that area. where sigg lived is about one mile away from where jessica went missing and where jessica lives. you have to take that into consideration as well. he probably spent a lot of time. if he is convicted and he is guilty of these crimes, trolling the area, going around, knowing his surroundings. >> his house very close to the reservoir, where he is accused o
? look at the gender gap screaming at us. according women president obama won. 22% there. >> reporter: definite gap. four years ago obama had the woman's vote sealed. no question about it. when this began there was a lot of talk about the female vote. we have been talking about that for months. you saw it at both conventions both romney and obama talking about women and having their wives come up and give key speeches. still even now less than or about two weeks away from the election they are both still going for the female vote. so far it looks like obama has the chance of sealing that again. >> we are going to be talking a little over an hour from now with a first-hand account of what moms thought of the debate. >>> analysts say president obama gets the edge last night. cnn poll was 48-40 all told that he won. mitt romney did good saying that the president many experts saying he got the edge. let's bring back dr. ed lee. good to have you back here. we are third and final round. do you agree with the assessment that the president gets the nod last night? >> absolutely. the president
it is one of the first things investigators go to. before it used to be cell phones. cell phone records, computers. but now tied in with all that is what people put on twitter. what they put on facebook, what they put on my space, linked in. there's all these different social media social media sites that will investigators will immediately turn to. because we saw in the rhavi case out of new jersey where there was a posting on there may be somebody had seen it earlier, it might have saved the man's life. we don't know. but it plays such a role in investigations now. they have people dealing with social media and computers and getting information and they're getting very good cooperation also i must say from people like facebook, twitter. especially when there's circumstances involved and have a subpoena, they're working closely with these social media outlets to be more pro active than reactive. the but many times as a reactive investigation, that's where you look first. >> it is something else. thank you very much. >> thank you. sure. >>> and listen to this one. a woman found with bur
character posthumously. listen. >> let us be clear, trayvon's family does not feel that his school records are relevant in any way. it is wrong to subpoena his records on so many levels from middle school and high school. it is very offensive to them. but if the court sees fit to release trayvon's school records, we demand that george zimmerman's medical records be released because they are far more relevant as to why he shot and killed trayvon martin on february 26th. >> no one really knows, mike, what could be in those school records. just speculating here because the defense has not elaborated on why they want them. we know that at the time that trayvon martin was shot and killed by george zimmerman he was serving a ten-day suspension from school because he was found at school with a bag, an empty plastic bag with marijuana residue inside of it. they could also be looking in there for any sort of clues that might back up george zimmerman's claim that he was defending himself, that he was not the aggressor in this case and did not throw the first punch. again, all of this speculative at
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5